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Education about the Maangamizi, its causes, consequences and how to redress it, are an essential aspect of preparations for effecting and securing holistic reparatory justice.

In many societies today, calls for repair and redress are often resisted by ordinary citizens, because in most societies whose states have been involved in perpetrating Maangamizi Crimes and Violations people are ill-informed about the meaning, entitlement to and scope of reparations. This lack of knowledge and understanding of the requirement for repairs and redress as well as the intergenerational impacts of unjust enrichment and unjust impoverishment as a result of the Maangamizi are often exploited by governments and other power-brokers to reinforce the status quo of Maangamizi denial and the failure to exercise accountability.

Through our M.E.T events, activities and bespoke training programmes, we contribute to increasing public understanding about Planet Repairs and the importance of reparations as a multifaceted Human, Peoples and Mother Earth Rights remedy and approach to redressing the legacies and harmful continuing impact of transgenerational group based injustices, dispossession, exploitation and oppression. 

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