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High School Student

Education can play a key role in preventing the Maangamizi* by providing methods and strategies for addressing the impact of Maangamizi Crimes and violations while promoting the knowledge, skills, values, attitudes and cultural change that can contribute to preventing repetition of group-targeted atrocities and injustices.


Accordingly, the Maangamizi Educational Trust (MET), the educational arm of the Stop the Maangamizi Campaign was set up to:








*Maangamizi is a Kiswahili term that means the intentional destruction and dispossession of peoplehood, nationhood  and relationships to Ancestral Lands that has occurred as a result of the continuum of Afrikan chattel enslavement, colonialism and neocolonialism 


Maangamizi, meaning Afrikan hellacaust
Because we paid a hell of a cost
And don't really know what was lost
And the process ain't ever stopped

Akala, Maangamizi




  1. Promote moral, ethical and spiritual welfare and improvement by remembering and reflecting upon the Maangamizi, its causes and consequences and promoting racial harmony by commemorating and promoting awareness of the Maangamizi and initiatives being taken to stop and redress it

  2. Advance the education of the public, deliver training and undertake research about the Maangamizi, its causes and contemporary consequences of genocide, ethnocide, crimes against humanity and ecocide, as well as measures and initiatives to counteract and redress it; including endeavours of Community Self-Repairs and Planet Repairs (the nexus of cognitive, reparatory and environmental justice), nationally and internationally. 

  3. Support research, learning, teaching and advocacy about the Maangamizi, its causes, consequences as well as measures and initiatives to counteract and redress it.

  4. Contribute to building support for the Sankofakuumba Pan-Afrikan Community Glocal Educational Complex and other educational institutions and processes which further learning and teaching about the Maangamizi and endeavours of Community Self-Repairs as well as Planet Repairs. 

  5. Provide advocacy, advice and information about the racism of Afriphobia and other manifestations of the Maangamizi.

  6. Promote Human, Peoples and Mother Earth rights approaches to reparative justice, global justice, transitional justice, truth-seeking, truth-telling and other forms of conflict transformation by researching and identifying the causes of such conflicts and seeking to resolve them through establishing processes and mechanisms directed towards, mediation, conciliation, reconciliation and sustainable just peace

  7. Advance active, engaged pluriversal, critical and decolonial global citizenship education through the provision of advocacy and information to support community capacity-building, as well as community and social infrastructure development to counteract the multifaceted manifestations of the Maangamizi, and prevent its recurrence. 

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