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High School Student

Education can play a key role in preventing the Maangamizi by providing methods and strategies for addressing the impact of Maangamizi Crimes and violations while promoting the knowledge, skills, values and attitudes that can help prevent repetition of group-targeted attrocities and injustices. Accordingly, the Maangamizi Educational Trust (M.E.T.), the educational arm of the Stop the Maangamizi Campaign was set up to:

(1) Educate, raise awareness and increase public understanding about the Maangamizi, its causes, contemporary impacts, and redress, including endeavours of community self-repairs and Planet Repairs at local, national and international levels;


(2) Provide advocacy, advice and information about the racism of Afriphobia and other manifestations of the Maangamizi;

(3) Develop Maangamizi Counteraction Programmes
for schools, colleges, universities and communities;

(4) Develop Teaching Resources and deliver educational programmes about the Maangamizi and initiatives to stop and redress it:

(5) Promote Maangamizi Awareness Month through programmes, events and activities in the month of August.

(6) Work with Youth and Student Groupings within and beyond the UK to support Maangamizi Counteraction educational and commemorative programmes and events.

(7) Raise funds and receive contributions from any persons or groups by way of Subscription, Donation and otherwise to resource the M.E.T.'s educational programmes.

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